Sequoyah Tiger Moon


Sequoyah has been a filmmaker for 11 years. She attended Columbia College and received a Bachelors' in Cinema with a minor in Performance Art. She also attended the Institute of American Indian Arts for an indigenous,  intensive film workshop funded by ABC/ Disney. "Tiger" has worked with at- risk youth for 7 years utilizing creative endeavors. She has received several small grants to further artistic education in minority youth. She has been a musician for 10 years releasing 2 albums and a professional poet for 10 years. Sequoyah has shared the stage with many people who have made an impact on our society within and without the Native community. She travels to Universities to conduct speeches and panel discussions on current Native issues. She has currently been acting as well, appearing in several films and television shows (see resume). The past 3 years of her life, has been dedicated to this project/ prophecy.