The third TME film festival was a powerful weekend. TRIBE Project showcased a full weekend of Indigenous voices through film, performance, art, and dance. 


The opening night was an exciting red carpet event at LA's Art District Art Center, ArtShare LA. The event began with powerful opening ceremony, led by an all female DANZA MEXICA – CUAUHTEMOC. The festival followed the opening ceremony with a musical performance from the incomparable Iam Artson.  The night ended nine short films from Native North America. 


On the second day of the festival, we showcased over 30 films from 25 different counties.  


The festival ended with a panel discussions that explored the intersection of Indigenous identity and the world of entertainment: Actors as Activists, Indigenous in The Industry, and Cultural Creativity and Composition. Our panels were moderated by Jenny Marlowe and featured industry professionals from many arenas entertainment.


The Actors as Activist panelists were Iris Olivia Gonzalez and Jeanette Godoy.


The Indigenous in The Industry panelists were executive director Sequoyah Tiger Moon, Taywanee Reevis, and Joey Clift. 


Cultural Creativity and Composition panelists were Shirley Gore, Daren Taylor, and Marlené Nancy López.